Q: ''Are your prices really fixed?''

A: Yes.All our domestic prices are fixed and there are no hidden charges either.

Q: ''How quick are the drying times?''

A: Carpets are usually dry within 2-3 hours and upholstery between 8 and 12 hours depending on the material.We would like to state these are the same estimated drying times of the leading dry cleaning company.

Q: ''How long does it take?''

A: Single rooms usually take 1 hour max and whole houses around 2 and a half hours.3 piece suites usually take no longer than 1 and a half hours.Occasionally some jobs take slightly longer but this is very rare.

Q: ''Do you really use industrial machines?''

A: Yes we do.Industrial machines are a must as they enable us to provide the best results possible and keep drying times to a minimum.Everything we use in commercial properties is the same as what we use for domestic work.

Q: ''I've been told my carpets/upholstery are un-cleanable.Is this true?''

A: No.We have never came across anything we couldn't make a considerable difference to.If we arrived and felt we couldn't make a marked improvement,we would inform you of our opinion before we even get our machine out and there will be no charges to yourself.

Q: ''How do i prepare for my booking?''

A: We don't ask you to do anything apart from removing small items such as magazine racks and small toys if we are cleaning a carpet.We want our service to be as hassle free as possible so WE will move and replace furniture as we clean so everything is back where it belongs before we finish.We do however reserve the right not to move structually unstable furniture.Apart from that,sit back and enjoy us doing the hard work for you.

Q: ''I have children,is this safe?''

A: Absolutely.We only use products that are environmentally friendly and anti-bacterial and with our method of cleaning,there are no harmful chemicals or residue left behind.This type of cleaning is also safe around pets.

Q: ''Why might there be extra charges for urine stian/odour removal?''

A:There may be small charge due to the specialist products and knowledge we need to use as urine can go through the carpet and into the underlay and in certain cases can go right through to the hard flooring underneath.Although we always give 100%,there are certain cases in which stains/odours are irremovable,mainly due to D.I.Y products being used or if pets have a favourite place they like to use. 

If your question is not here,please feel free to ask us over the phone or send us a message via the 'contact us' page.